Privacy Policy

Customer data

If you buy a product on our website we will store the following data:

  • Your name (and company name if applicable).
  • Your email address.
  • The product you purchased.

This data is not sold or passed on to third parties.

Why do we store this data?

Your name and email address is needed to identify you when you contact us for support.

We need to know which product you purchased since we only offer you support on products that you own.

Your email address is needed so we can send you an unlock code or a download link to the purchased product.

In addition we need this data to create you a personal code to unlock the purchased product.

Right of access, rectification and erasure

On request we will provide you the data that we have stored about you.

On request we will rectify the data we have stored about you (e.g. change your email address).

On request we will delete your data from our data base.

Third party privacy policies

The data mentioned under "Customer data" is provided to us by the payment service ShareIt. Please read up on the privacy policy of ShareIt which is linked on the bottom of the order page.

Also pay attention to the privacy policies of other websites you may visit during the order process (e.g. www.paypal.com).

Server log files

Data is transmitted by your web browser to our server when you visit our website. Our server writes some of this data to a log file. The data that is stored is:

  • Host name/IP address.
  • URL of the referrer.
  • Date and time of the server request.
  • Operating system.
  • Web browser type/version.
  • The part of the website you accessed.

This data is anonymous (the host name/IP address is anonymized).

The log file on the server only contains data of the last 6 weeks.

Log files that we download from our server are not archived. They are deleted after statistical evaluation.

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